Welcome to LaTeX and Friends

Welcome to this minimal page that accompanies my book LaTeX and Friends, which is available in hardcover (ISBN 978-3-642-23815-4) and eBook (ISBN 978-3-642-23816-1). In the next couple of weeks this page will change slightly as more material will be added.

Some of the book, including chapter 2, may be read on line.

The following are some reviews of LaTeX and Friends:


There's also a short promotional film about LaTeX and Friends. The film was made by Stephen Bean and Helena Flynn. The examples in the film were done with LaTeX. Many thanks to Stephen and Helena for doing a great job and to Jim Bowen for the idea of making the film.

The Lost Chapters

In this section you may find three chapters that aren't included in the printed and the eBook version of LaTeX and Friends. The main topic of these chapters is installing and using LaTeX on Windows, on the Mac, and on Unix:

You may find the Windows and Unix chapters by clicking on the following link. The link also contains the front and back matter of LaTeX and Friends as well as chapter 2. To keep the size of the document small, I decided to omit the pictures at the back of the part title pages. (The Windows chapter will change slightly because some of the screen shots are from the Unix chapter. The Mac chapter will be added later this month, 2012.)

The installation chapters are supposed to be a living document. If you have any comments/suggestions then please let me know. I will update the chapters in due time.

Please note that I won't add any sections for other LaTeX distributions than TeX Live and MacTeX. Likewise, I won't add any other sections about other LaTeX or BibTeX IDEs.

Lecture Presentations

The following are some presentations of a LaTeX course, which was given at UCC. The presentations more or less follow the book. The length of the presentations varies (a lot).